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Pete Davidson Meets John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s Newborn Son, Says Babies Are ‘All Head’ (Funny, They Think the Same About You)

Not all babies are created equal. By that we mean: some of them are downright ugly. But Malcolm Hiệp is not in the camp. Nope, the surprise spawn of comedian John Mulaney and actress Olivia Munn is unbearably adorable. And yet, somehow Pete Davidson found a way to insult the little dude.

It all went down on an Instagram story last week when the SNL alum (and Kim Kardashian’s new boy toy) visited the Mulaney-Munn family. Davidson posed with the 2-month-old babe in a pair of pics that Mulaney captioned “Uncle Pete!” then set to the “F.U.N. Song” from SpongeBob SquarePants.

“Yeah, babies are all head,” Davidson joked on camera, after which the celebrity parents chuckled.

Funny, they probably think the same thing about you, Pete. You’re basically a bobblehead, personified. And don’t get us started on whether or not there’s a brain in the big ol’ noggin of yours, because we have our doubts.

We don’t know what side you fall on, Mandatory readers, but we are firmly in the Malcom-is-cute-AF camp. Just check out these pics:


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Davidson shouldn’t even be allowed around children – all those tattoos and creepy eye circles are probably terrifying to them.

Let’s hope we don’t see any little Petes running around anytime soon…

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