TikTok Bloating Video of Girl Before and After Eating Shows Some Women Really Do Get Us

For a minute there, we thought nobody on social media “got” us. That is until we found Bloat Girl on TikTok. Nashvillian Clara Guillem is the hard-eating, sweet-talking body image champ giving pizza-loving guys like us more than just your average heartburn.

In her TikTok video series, which has already amassed millions of views, Clara takes the basic before-and-after premise and flips it on its head. Or more appropriately, rounds it out in all the right places.

In the before image, Clara, who goes by @ClaraAndHerself, is seen taking a “normal” Instagram picture – her body trim and contorted to show off the sleekest and most revealing angles humanly possible. In the after photo (taken post-meal), Clara lets it all hang out, letting the reality of life-as-a-food-loving-human onto social media in ways most viral sensations wouldn’t dare.

The result is as refreshing as guzzling a Big Gulp to wash down the bucket of fried chicken we just so happened to find at the drive-thru window. See for yourself.

@claraandherselfI hope this posts I love y’all you are much more than your beauty!♬ original sound – Clara

Clara’s wisdom can be felt in these words. “My appearance is the least interesting thing about me. I have so many other amazing qualities, but those are suppressed when I’m hangry!” Truer words were never spoken.

Just in case you were wondering, Clara, is happily coupled up. Bummer, we know. But – despite the unrequited heartburn – in a world full of confusion, misunderstandings, and neverending noise, isn’t it great to be understood by a total stranger once in a while?

Now that Clara’s whole mantra of respecting and loving our bloated bodies has gone viral, can we finally drop the whole “dad bod” thing and just start referring to our personal temples as “bods”? Because this platter of supreme burritos we just ordered isn’t going to eat itself.

Cover Photo: TikTok

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