Meanwhile in Missouri: Couple Finds Live Bomb in Backyard, First Post-Pandemic Party Looks to Be a Bang

There’s nothing like bringing a live bomb from WWII into your house to spice up a quarantine-dulled marriage. Just ask Sam Coffey and his wife Pamela, who were cleaning up their yard after a long year of letting the weeds grow when they discovered a curious item buried in the dirt.

Tickled by the dusty metal object resembling a bulbous spearhead, Mr. Coffey brought it into the house and started prying at it with a steak knife (as you do). That’s when his wife had a better idea.

Pamela decided to pause her husband’s, um, crackerjack physical examination of the object and do some sleuthing. Turning to Google Lens image recognition, she took a picture of the object and discovered what they had on their hands was no ordinary rock.

The St. Louis Regional Bomb and Arson Unit agreed. After arriving at the couple’s home with a blast-proof truck, the bomb squad carefully hauled away the little item, which turned out to be an extremely volatile live bomb with a blast radius of 500 feet. The perfect therapeutic device to renew any husband’s appreciation of his significant other.

“I am incredibly grateful to be able to stand here and tell the story with all of my limbs still attached,” Mr. Coffey told the local news station. “This is why women live longer than men, because here I am, scraping a bomb with a steak knife when my wife makes me stop and call the sheriff’s department! I’m very grateful to my wife right now,” he said before adding, “I do have life insurance so I guess she’s kind of missing out.”

While no one knows how a 75-year-old Japanese bomb made its way to the middle of present-day America, it’s certainly one helluva cocktail story for the Coffey’s to tell at their first post-pandemic BBQ. And one that Sam Coffey will quite literally never live down.

Cover Photo: Pamela Coffey

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