15 Best Twitter Reactions to Hunter Biden Admitting He Smoked Parmesan Cheese 

We’ve all been there. Scraping through the rug on hands and knees to find any drug crumbs we may have dropped during our 19-day crunch and munch bender. Ok, maybe not. But we can all agree it was a beautiful way to kick off the week when Hunter Biden proclaimed he’s “smoked more parmesan cheese than anyone you know.” A WTF moment that has become all too common in the year 2021.

The son of POTUS recently went on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss the many misadventures of his life thus far. And while the parmesan-flavored revelation was just one of many salacious details served up on a silver platter (like how Jill Biden might be a furry or the reasons behind his sexual affair with his brother’s widow), it was certainly the tastiest.

Hunter Biden is no stranger to scandal, having battled an addiction to crack for years before cleaning up his act and joining the family business. Though that has brought plenty of drama of its own via attacks by former head cheese, Donald Trump, Hunter is hoping to offer transparency to Americans moving forward. His new memoir Beautiful Things seeks to unload all his dirty secrets over the course of 272 pages, though we prefer the highlights of his latest TV interview. In the words of the “smartest guy” Joe Biden knows:

“It didn’t matter: I smoked it. If it was crack, great. If it wasn’t, I’d take a hit, exhale, and exclaim, “Shit, that’s not it – that’s the f*%king cheese!”

Many are shocked that Biden, the son of a president, would use powdered parmesan instead of whole block – further proof that when it comes to the Biden family, Hunter is definitely the black sheep. You could even say, the cheese stands alone. Check out the best Twitter reactions to Biden’s smoked parm below. And remember, friends don’t let friends smoke cheese.

Cover Photo: Handout (Getty Images)

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