Sheep With 66 Pounds of Wool Is Our Official Current Covid Look

We’ve all let ourselves go during quarantine. For some, that’s resulted in epic beards that’d make seamen jealous. For others, it’s meant letting their locks grow so long they could twirl it up in man buns (if they were so inclined). But one sheep has put all of our quarantine looks to shame – by amassing a whopping 66 pounds of wool.

His name is Baarack (see what they did there?) and he’s been wandering around the Australian bushland for years. He was rescued by Edgar’s Mission, an animal sanctuary for farm animals, where he received a much-need haircut. Shearing is essential to a sheep’s well-being. Too much wool can actually be fatal to these animals.

Clips of Baarack’s transformation from wooly mammal to sleek and soft petting zoo prospect went viral. This is one makeover reveal you have to see to believe.

Given that his wool was so thick it was likely impairing his mobility, we’re sure he felt relieved to lose all that weight. However, he also lost his insulation. The poor guy must be freezing! We can’t imagine going from hippie chic to chrome dome and not feeling chilly. Fame can’t keep you warm, after all.

Baarack, you’re an inspiration. And one of these days, we swear, we’re going to brave the barber shop and clean up our act. Just not today.

Cover Photo: Edgar’s Mission

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