Obese Monkey Named Gorilla Fat-Shamed Into Diet, We Say Let That Covid Bod Hang Out, Buddy!

The Quarantine 15 is no joke – and if you’ve managed to keep your pandemic weight gain to only 15 pounds, we congratulate you. Most of us surpassed that number a long time ago. The extra poundage hasn’t only afflicted humans, though. The animal kingdom is also suffering. Take, for example, a monkey named Godzilla who has been deemed morbidly obese – and sent to fat camp!

Godzilla was found at a Bangkok market and sent to a wildlife center in Cachoengsao, Thailand. He weighed in at a very chubby 41 pounds. Godzilla was enrolled in a weight-loss program that includes daily walks and a healthy diet of live crickets, bird worms, dill, and lettuce.

Godzilla has lost 4 pounds so far, but he has a way to go; wildlife center staff want to see him at a trim 22 pounds before sending him back to his natural habitat.

We’re rooting for you, Godzilla. You’re a stronger primate than we are. And if you don’t manage to lose the weight, that’s OK, too. We’re all carrying some hefty love handles. You’re in good company. Let that gut hang out!

Cover Photo: New York Post

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