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Ranked! Best Actors in Fat Suits For a TV or Movie Role (Including Sarah Paulson For ‘Impeachment’ and Joshua Jackson As ‘Dr. Death’)

For actors unwilling or unable to gain enough weight for a movie or TV role, fat suits are a necessary evil. They don’t always look convincing and can even come off as offensive if done poorly. But what else is an otherwise slim, trim, and fit celebrity supposed to do if they have to play an overweight or even obese character?

Until the entertainment wizards come up with a better way to alter the size of actors, fat suits will continue to be the industry standard for transforming a person’s shape. Most recently, we’ve seen actors like Joshua Jackson and Sarah Paulson suiting up to play beefy characters on Dr. Death and Impeachment: American Crime Story, respectively. But they are just the latest in a long line of entertainers to suit up.

We’ve scoured both film and TV for the best (and worst) examples of actors in fat suits, then ranked them accordingly from worst to best. Some of these actors are unrecognizable at higher weights, while others just look goofy. Check ’em out for yourself and decide if their fat suits are effective or simply distractingly stupid.

Cover Photo: FX


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