We Can’t Believe These Great Actors Made These Garbage Movies

Photo: Lionsgate

They say it’s not the suit that makes the man, but maybe it’s the number of suits he can afford, which brings us to the question: Why do so many of the best actors make the worst movies? Ones we can’t believe they agreed to make, no less.

It’s like when Michael Jordan came back a second time after winning six titles, countless MVP awards both in the regular season and the finals, yet the number of rings couldn’t keep him from joining a crap team for a year before calling it quits again. The same goes with these great actors, who, for some reason, don’t have the wherewithal or staff to know better.
Some might say it’s for a love of the craft, but nobody who saw these movies loved anything.

There’s always a payday out there if you’re Morgan Freeman or Robert De Niro, always somebody who wants to cast Johnny Depp in their big piece of shit. So why sign up with a bad script, crap cast or a cheesy old-man movie when you could do something else? Or is the movie industry that dry? You tell us.

We Can’t Believe These Great Actors Made These Garbage Movies

Update: Kevin Spacey has bigger issues to worry about now other than a garbage movie he made, that’s for sure.

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