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Ranked! 10 Irish Actors We’re Lucky to Binge on For Our Second Solo St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us – the second St. Paddy’s we’ll be spending completely solo (and hopefully the last). While we can still dress up in green and pour ourselves limitless whiskey, our March 17 festivities just aren’t the same without friends. That’s why we turn to Irish actors for comfort.

We don’t know any Celtic celebs personally, but we feel like we do thanks to their emotional, intense performances on the silver screen. So instead of real humans, who could very well still be shedding Covid, we’ll be sharing the Irish-heritage holiday with actors from the Emerald Isle. To that end, we’ve ranked 10 such entertainers and provided you with a short-list of each of their best films. Happy bingeing, everybody, and here’s hoping we can all get drunk on green beer together on St. Paddy’s Day next year.

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