Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Are Getting Their Own Ice Cream, Which Will You Binge First

Photo: Amblin Entertainment

If you’re a fan of classic, 1980s movies, you probably remember the scene in The Goonies when Chunk is hiding in a freezer and realizes that it’s full of his favorite ice cream flavors. He just can’t wait and begins gorging on rocky road ice cream before realizing that he’s not alone in the freezer. There’s a dead body, a man previously murdered by the Fratelli gang, who are hiding out in the abandoned restaurant.

Now, thanks to Serendipity Brands, you can actually eat a Goonies-branded rocky road ice cream (called “Sloth & Chunk Rocky Rooooaad?”) while you watch the comic chaos as the aptly named Chunk attempts to get out of the freezer after the aforementioned frozen, dead body fell on top of him.

The ice cream brand has partnered with Warner Bros. to launch a line of ice creams based on classic movies and TV shows. On top of The Goonies, there will also be ice creams based on Caddyshack, A Christmas Story, and Friends.

While the release of these ice creams will be staggered, the first up is the Friends ice cream. It’s called “Central Perk Almond Fudge” and it consists of mocha ice cream with fudge swirls and chocolate-covered almonds. The Goonies ice cream “Sloth & Chunk Rocky Rooooaad?” is expected later in the month with no timeline revealed for the others.

The Friends ice cream will be added to the permanent lineup and the others will be limited-release offerings. All will retail for $5.99 for a pint.

Since they made a Friends ice cream, here’s hoping that a Seinfeld flavor is coming soon. We can only imagine how tasty a Junior Mints or cinnamon babka flavor would be.

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