Get Your Own Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Before It’s Back in the Upside Down

If we ever needed an excuse to eat ice cream — and we don’t, really — then this is it. The Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop from the third season of Stranger Things has a pop-up in Los Angeles and you need to get there soon if you’re to enjoy in the goodness of all their awesome flavors.

If you haven’t watched the latest season of Stranger Things then you probably don’t know about Scoops Ahoy. It’s the ice cream shop in the Starcourt Mall where Steve, the character played by Joe Keery, works during the summer of 1984. Also, if you haven’t watched Stranger Things, what the hell is the matter with you?

Baskin Robbins is hosting the pop up at their Burbank location until July 14. We’re pretty sure you can hit this place up and try samples to your heart’s content, at least until they claim you’re taking advantage of the company policy. Either way, good times.

If you can’t make it to Burbank, that’s OK. All Baskin Robbins locations will be serving various flavors exclusive to Scoops Ahoy until Aug. 1. We can’t guarantee the Demogorgon won’t eat everything up first, so you better act fast.

Cover Photo: Netflix

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