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Jeni’s Drops Joe Biden-Inspired Ice Cream Flavor (You’ll Never Guess What’s in it)

We can’t remember the last time we watched a presidential inauguration, but you better believe we’re watching this year. We can’t wait to see someone other than the Cheeto-colored monster otherwise known as Donald Trump referred to as Commander in Chief. And now, thanks to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, we have the perfect treat to eat while we watch democracy in action.

It’s a new pint called White House Chocolate Chip, and it’s the kind of just desserts we deserve after the four years of hell that was the Trump administration. (It feels so good to write about it in past tense!) The flavor was inspired by Joe Biden’s go-to ice cream order. The self-proclaimed “ice cream guy” discovered the Ohio-based ice creamery in 2012 and once, before a debate, referred to a pint of their Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks as a “performance enhancer.” But his favorite combo is double scoop of chocolate chip in a waffle cone.

Thus, Jeni’s had concocted a pint that pairs crunch chocolate flakes and chocolate-covered waffle cone pieces with vanilla ice cream in his honor. Even the packaging is a nod towards the new president, with an image of the White House and a blue and red color scheme. We appreciate that the flavor captures the president’s personality – mild, without any outrageous mix-ins.

The company says creating a presidential flavor isn’t political but is instead “about the power that ice cream has in bringing us all together.”

While Americans may be divided about many issues, ice cream shouldn’t be one of them.

Cover Photo: Jeni’s

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