grey poupon

Ice Cream Maker Releases Grey Poupon-Flavored Ice Cream, Latest in Gag-Worthy Flavors No One Asked For

Photo: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

The ice cream world has progressed far past the days of simple vanilla, chocolate, and eventually strawberry. Sure, you can still get these simple, iconic flavors, but thanks to folks like Ben and Jerry and others, there’s a whole world of peanut butter cup, cookie dough, grasshopper, and other strange, surprisingly appealing combinations available. And while we’re all about envelope-pushing innovation when it comes to ice cream, sometimes the creations are a little over-the-top and debatable. We’re talking about Everything Bagel ice cream, Bourbon and Steak ice cream, and the most recent strange flavor Grey Poupon Mustard ice cream.

We probably shouldn’t be surprised that Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, the brand that previously gave the world a spinach-flavored ice cream and macaroni and cheese-flavored ice cream would give us one that tastes like the iconic French mustard.

Luckily, this ice cream isn’t simply mustard-flavored. That might not be palatable or exciting enough to keep our attention for more than a few spoonfuls. This ice cream also has salted pretzels because what goes better with a nice mustard than some salty pretzels? We can’t think of anything.

If, for some reason you’re still intrigued enough to try this strange ice cream flavor, you can grab some at Walmart. That’s because Van Leeuwen Grey Poupon with Salted Pretzels as well as more crave-able, summery flavors like Campfire S’mores, Summer Peach Crisp, Honey Cornbread with Strawberry Jam, and Espresso Fior di Latte Chip will also be available.

Even if you buy it just as a joke or to test your friends and family, we still think we have to try this ice cream. What does it taste like really? Is it creamy and sweet? Salty and savory? We won’t be able to stop thinking about it until we finally get a taste.


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