Meanwhile in Texas: Robber Mows Lawn Before Leaving, Leaves Note Telling Homeowner to Have Some Pride

Photo: Port Arthur Police Department

A stranger burglarizing your home is a big deal. You never want someone to come into your home and steal things that you’ve worked hard for. It’s a terrible thing to happen to anyone. But, in most cases, other than the people involved, it’s not a very interesting news story. Someone smashed a window and stole your flat screen and PlayStation. It’s rough, but not something most readers would care about. Now, how about if a robber entered a home, stole a lawnmower, and then mowed the lawn before leaving?

In what sounds more like the plot of a silly comedy than real life, a Texas man is currently on the run from authorities after being seen on home surveillance cameras on April Fools’ Day stealing a lawnmower, filling up the tank, mowing the back and front yards, before attempting to push the mower away.

Yes, this really happened. Why the man didn’t just take the mower and run off, we have no idea. Did he take a look at the lawn, realize it was a little long, and wanted to trim it before he ran off since the homeowners would no longer have a mower?

Either way, since he was seen on camera, police were called. They chased him and somehow didn’t catch him even though he was pulling a push mower behind him before dropping it in an alley near the house.

The lawnmower man, who is believed to be a man named Marcus Renard Hubbard is still on the loose. Maybe he’ll be caught the next time he decides to mow someone’s front and back yards.


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