Meanwhile in Oregon: Woman With Actual Cat Burglar Puts Stolen Items on Display in Yard So Neighbors Can Reclaim Them

If you ever wondered where the term “cat burglar” came from, we think we have your answer. That’s because one little kitty in Beaverton, Oregon has very sticky fingers…err…paws.

Her name is Esme, and she’s a black cat known for swiping her neighbor’s stuff. Her owner, Kate Felmet, amassed so many stolen items over the past year that she decided to hang them all up on a clothesline in her yard – kind of like a cross between a lost-and-found and a yard sale – so that her neighbors could come and claim them.

“The neighbors in my community know where to look for their stuff,” Felmet told Today. If they didn’t know, a hand-drawn sign featuring Esme carrying a green glove and the text “My cat is a thief. Please take these items if they are yours,” which is installed in her yard, will alert them.

The fur baby thief has pilfered everything from a running belt and knee pads to tape and paint roller covers to a taxidermy bat and a camera, though her favorite steals seem to be face masks and gloves. At one point, Felmet had 14 pairs of the latter.

Esme has yet to learn her lesson but neighbors have thankfully taken her hoarding habits in stride. They say cats have nine lives – and, it would seem, an endless amount of free passes for bad behavior.

Cover Photo: Glasshouse Images (Getty Images)