Feline Felon: Actual Cat Burglar Tries Stealing From Russian Bar

Photo: Arseniy45 (Getty Images)

If you ask the owners of one Russian bar, crime doesn’t pay. That’s because, with the use of cameras, they’ve caught the same robber attempting to steal cash and run out the door on multiple occasions. The purported pilferer hasn’t succeeded in their grift, though, as workers have thwarted them every time. You might be wondering why this hardened criminal hasn’t been arrested yet. Why has this bar allowed this thief to continue to enter the premises again and again? Well, that’s because the cat burglar is a literal cat.


Security cameras at The Pivbar CCCP in Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia have continually caught a money-hungry kitten in the act of robbing the joint. We’re not kidding. In the video you can clearly see the pint-sized perpetrator attempting to scamper out of the bar with a mouth full of money. The video ends with the cat dropping the money, only to have it picked up by a human.

The bar put the footage on its Instagram account not in an effort to catch the bandit. In fact, the kitten actually belongs to bar owner Nadezhda Vodolazskaya. She found the cat abandoned in a box. Since its arrival, the cat called Masyana has become somewhat of a mascot for the bar. Also, for some reason, it’s obsessed with cold, hard cash.


It’s not all bad news for Masyana and its attempts to steal money. A second video posted by the bar actually shows the conniving kitty escaping with its heist completed. But it turns out the money it stole was used for decorations and the staff has been told to keep the real money safe and secure in locked boxes. Sorry, Masyana.

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