Burglar Disguises Himself As ‘Ghost’ To Get Passed Security Cameras

Screenshot: YouTube

Hey, whatever works, right?

There are some burglars that break into a building only to take a nap, some burglars that enjoy returning to the scene of the crime and some burglars that dress up as a ghost. Wait, what? Well that’s exactly what happened recently in a residential building in Jinjiang, China’s Fujian province.

The burglar was caught on surveillance camera walking into view covered head to toe with a curtain, according to Shanghaiist. The burglar can also be seen slowly making his way through the corridor. Take a look at the hilarious video below to see a ghost burglar in action.

Burglar Disguises Himself As ‘Ghost’ To Get Passed Security Cameras

Unfortunately for this dude (but fortunately for cops), he still made his face visible to cameras which led to his arrest. Cops were able to find the burglar and discovered that he wasn’t able to steal anything from the building. The burglar did go on to admit other crimes once he was arrested and taken down to the police station.

And now that finally solves the case of the mysterious office ghost.

h/t Daily Mail

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