‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Goes Viral For Hilarious Facial Expressions (We Don’t Even Want to Think About Her ‘O’ Face)

The latest Jeopardy champion is lighting up social media – but not because of her wits. No, Julia Markham Cameron, an attorney from Brooklyn, New York, has everyone talking because of her facial expressions.

How to describe this animated, weird, hilarious human being? We’re not sure what word fits. Her facial contortions are beyond bizarre. Twitter had a field day with her.

But some fans couldn’t help but fall in love with this geeky gal who couldn’t hide her feelings if she tried.

No matter what your reaction, there’s no debating that watching Cameron play the storied trivia game was an emotional rollercoaster.

Cameron took home $16K in prize money from Thursday’s show (laughing all the way to the bank, we bet) and returned for another round of gameplay on Friday. We can only imagine what kinds of memes she’ll inspire if her winning streak continues. Just don’t try to picture her ‘O’ face. There are some places the mind just shouldn’t wander.

Cover Photo: Jeopardy



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