North West Hilariously Trolls Mom Kim Kardashian on Twitter For Faking Olivia Rodrigo Fanship, We Could Watch This Honest Kid Talk All Day

As if we needed another one, Disney pop star turned Billboard teen idol Olivia Rodrigo is striking a chord with Geriatric Millennials. So it stands to reason that Kim Kardashian (born 1980) would be a fan of the 18-year-old’s debut album Sour. But after Kim posted some Sour schwag on her IG stories, one Rodrigo fan close to home called bullshit.

Apparently, North West isn’t one to stand idly by while her mom disingenuously hops on a bandwagon (which is going to make for some interesting moments considering what her mom does for a living). And we couldn’t be prouder.

In the hilarious IG story, Kardashian gushes over Rodrigo, telling her followers just how much she’s been blasting the pop singer’s first single ‘Driver’s License’. That’s when straight-shooting North West chimes in with a beautiful bit of trolling.  See for yourself:

While you could chalk this moment up to a simple act of natural selection, with Gen Alpha rising to the top of the food chain as Geriatrics wither away, if you listen closely, other holes begin to show in Kim’s claim to fanship. For instance, Kim encourages her 210 million followers that she can’t wait for the album to drop, despite the post going up four days after the album’s release.

We’re not one to take sides but you gotta love the way kids mercilessly dunk on their parents. Unlike Geriatric Millennials, it never gets old.

Whether or not Kim actually listens to Rodrigo is beside the point. Sharing the album with her massive Geri Mill audience has surely helped its sales reach 279,000 units.

In fact, Rodrigo is having such a spectacular run in her album’s first week, she went straight to the top of the charts. With that kind of buzz, who even needs a 40-year-old billionaire influencer actually listening to your music anyway? Rodrigo already has a ginormous fanbase willing to skewer their own moms on social media in order to keep it real. And that’s the real reason why we’re nominating Sour for album of the year even though we haven’t listened to it yet and probably never will.

Cover Photo: James Devaney (Getty Images)

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