Boomers Fight Back With ‘Geriatric Millennial’ Tag That Sparks Twitter Warfare (But We Can All Agree Everyone On Twitter Is Old, Right?)

When people have too much time on their hands, they tend to create new labels for things that don’t need them. The most recent addition to the big book of useless definitions is the term “Geriatric Millennial.”

While the label conjures images of aging hipsters with crooked backs and long white beards, it’s really a convoluted way of categorizing people born in the early ’80s. These exotic natives of the dark ages, born before the internet, basically witnessed the invention of fire and so straddle the digital-analog divide like cyber cowboys wearing wild stallions for shoes (with arch support insoles, of course).

But complimentary as the term may be (it’s not) it has offended lots of people on Twitter (as everything does). One side argued that the merits of the classification illustrate why aging Millennials should hold key positions of power within a corporate hierarchy, while the other side threatened to shoot everyone into the sun with a giant cannon.

The author behind the term, Erica Dhawan, is actually a Geriatric Millennial herself. Yet for being a master of communication and one of the top 50 thinkers of her dementia-riddled age group (according to Oprah) she really could have thought of a better name for the kids who grew up playing Nintendo, wandering about the world with no cell phones or porn, and inexpediently conjured the internet from a carboard-box-like Macintosh using AOL.

We think instead of using the word “geriatric” which refers to old people needing special care, a more suitable label might have been “Anal Digit Millennials” (a lovely portmanteau of analog-digital) or “The Greatest Generation of All Time Who Never Wants To Fight A War And Knows How To Use A Computer”.

But we digress. The backlash for this unwanted new designation has been swift and brutal and hilarious. Because hell hath no fury like Geriatric Millennials scorned. Check out all the best Twitter vitriol early-’80s babies could fling with their withered arms below, then watch as they lay down on the sidewalk to take a nap.

Cover Photo: Halfpoint (Getty Images)

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