Meanwhile in Florida: Man Arrested After Stealing 2 Police Cruisers in Wild Car Chase (Says If You Love What You Do, You’ll Never Have to Lease a Car)

Why lease a car when you can steal one? And why steal any car when you could steal a police cruiser? Finally, why steal one police cruiser when you can steal two? That’s the mindset of a Florida man who recently swiped not one, but two police cars in the span of one afternoon. (Talk about an overachiever!)

It all started when someone called police to report a suspicious person on 1-95 in Cocoa, Volusia County, Florida. Officers responded and came upon Xavier Javern Cummings. He escaped by jumping in one of the marked patrol cars, sparking a high-speed chase on the highway. The cops forced Cummings off the road and into a wooded area, where they tried to get Cummings out of the car, but he evaded arrest once again…by running away and jumping in another (unlocked, running) cop car. (Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…)

It took a while, but the police finally foiled Cummings by using stop sticks to deflate the vehicle’s tires. Cummings was apprehended and charged with armed burglary, fleeing law enforcement, possession of a firearm, grand theft of a vehicle, and driving with a suspended license.

Cummings likely won’t get behind the wheel of any kind of car for a very long time…but we bet the wild ride was fun while it lasted.

Cover Photo: New York Post

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