Meanwhile in Oklahoma: Doritos Junkie Steals Chip Truck, Leads Police on 100-Mile Chase Only to Find Cool Ranch Not a Real Place

Photo: Stefonlinton (Getty Images)

It’s never a good idea to steal a car. If you’re convicted of grand theft auto (depending on the state), you could be looking at four to five years in the clink. And this is if you don’t commit any other crimes along the way. Also, if you’re going to make the very poor decision to steal a car, don’t steal a conspicuous vehicle. This includes expensive sports cars, giant SUVs, and definitely Doritos trucks.

But, the latter is exactly what happened recently in Oklahoma when Joshua Karpe, obviously in dire need of a pandemic cheesy, crunchy, corn chip fix, stole a Frito-Lay truck with a massive picture of Doritos on the side and led police on a high-speed chase.

The 34-four-year-old found the truck idling in the parking lot of an Oklahoma City gas station. Obviously, this wasn’t a truck that was free to anyone to take for a joy ride. The driver, who was inside at the time, saw the man jump into the truck and start to drive away. He attempted to stop him to no avail and called the police to report the cheesy crime.

In movies, car thieves are able to get away, hide the car, and elude the authorities until they can sell the car to the highest bidder or take it apart to sell for parts. But, since Karpe was driving a bright, orange Doritos truck, they found him almost immediately.

This is when he led police on an hour-long, 100-mile chase that found the crunchy snack-loaded truck flying through three counties and included the participation of four different police agencies.

He actually crashed into two different police cars before authorities finally caught the unsurprisingly slow-moving truck. He finally stopped and was taken into custody. There’s no update as to why he thought stealing a Doritos truck was a good idea. But we can only assume he just really loves Cool Ranch Doritos. Who doesn’t?

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