10 Insanely Inventive Ways to Crack Open a Beer Bottle (That Don’t End With Janky Teeth)

Photo: Niklas Storm / EyeEm (Getty Images)

If you’ve been to college or you have any friends who are known for making unwise decisions to entertain others, you’ve likely met someone who enjoys opening a twist-top beer bottle with their teeth. As people who understand the importance of teeth, we could never understand these people. While they might believe they’re superhuman and the gasps from the approving audience might be worth it, dentists (and everyone with common sense) will tell you not to do this.

In fact, one of the main causes of broken and chipped teeth (and expensive dentist bills) is because they decided to use their chompers for something they’re really not intended for. Your show-off friend might not realize that every time they’re cracking open a cold beer for an ecstatic audience of coeds, they’re making their teeth weaker and potentially creating small cracks that can lead to pains in both your mouth and your wallet.

Lucky for you, there are many other ingenious (non-teeth ruining) ways to open a beer bottle. Below you’ll find 10 of our favorites.

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