New Research Says Men Should Only Have 1 Drink Per Day, Then How Do We Double-Fist These Beers?

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For over 30 years, we heard that adult men should imbibe no more than two drinks per day. We were OK with this because it still enabled us to double-fist or enjoy back-to-back libations. Plus, two drinks takes away the pesky need to make a quick decision about what to drink. Nobody wants to select a beer, only to immediately regret their decision. But this past week the scientific community sent shock waves through the worlds of beer, wine, and liquor. That’s because, according to new U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, adult men should drink no more than one alcoholic beverage per day.

One of the researchers, Dr. Timothy Naimi from Boston University, told the Associated Press that the change is because they found an increase in the risk of death for those individuals who enjoy two drinks per day as opposed to one.

“As a nation, our collective health would be better if people generally drank less,” he told the AP.

Also, it should be noted that, according to the research, one drink consists of a 12-ounce can of beer, a 5-ounce glass of wine, or a shot of liquor. That means you can’t switch in a tall boy instead or crack open a bottle of wine and drink the whole thing since it’s only “one drink.”

It should be noted that there are no U.S. Dietary Guidelines police who are going to show up and issue you a ticket if you enjoy two or three cans in an evening. It’s just that they believe one drink is OK and anymore is pushing it. So, choose your beverages wisely.

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