There’s an Official Buckingham Palace Gin (And Ryan Reynolds Isn’t Happy About It)

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson (Getty Images)

It’s not a secret that Queen Elizabeth enjoys gin. But it’s strange that it took so long for the Royal Family to launch their own gin brand. This week, Buckingham Palace released a statement that it would be making a special gin made from ingredients found on the very royal premises.

“The spirit is infused with citrus and herbal notes derived from 12 botanicals, several of which are from Buckingham Palace garden, including lemon verbena, hawthorn berries, bay leaves and mulberry leaves,” said a release from the Royal Collection Trust.

While the queen loves her some gin, this brand wasn’t made just to quench her seemingly insatiable thirst for the juniper-based spirit. In fact, it was made for charity. The same charity in charge of opening the royal palaces to the public is making this unique gin. Also, it’s available to the public and the funds raised by its sale will be used to conserve the Queen’s art collection. We’re all about art, but couldn’t some of the money go to a not-for-profit or something?


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Either way, the announcement of this gin rubbed one celebrity the wrong way. Ryan Reynolds, known for his iconic role of Deadpool among others, owns Aviation Gin. He recently posted his online pre-order form for the Royal gin. But if you look closely, you’ll see that he passive-aggressively showed his dismay for the new gin rival.

He listed his address as Ryan Reynolds who lives on 1 Upsmanship Much Drive in the city of Notcoolington with the postal code of WTF FML. Also, apparently this address is located somewhere in the UK. We know this is all in good fun and it’s great to see Reynolds continuing to use his platform to advertise for his own gin in the most clever and funny ways.

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