Disgusting Food Museum Adds Gag-Worthy Drinks Menu Including ‘Poo Wine’

Taxidermized squirrel beer. Spit-fermented booze. Vino made from baby mice. Pick your poison! These are some of the options on the drinks menu in a new exhibit at The Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo, Sweden. Now you finally have something with which to wash down those bull testicles, fermented herring, and maggot-infested cheese!

“People are very desperate to get drunk around the world,” museum director Andreas Ahrens told HuffPost. “So whenever we find ourselves in a situation where there is no alcohol, we get quite inventive and we’ve been doing this for millennia.”

These drinks aren’t just on the menu for shock value, either; they are actually imbibed all over the globe. Some were made from necessity, like when residents of the former Soviet Union downed perfumes and varnish because they couldn’t get their hands on anything else during Prohibition (talk about dying for a drink). Understandably, inmates denied their booze while locked up have been known to make wine in their toilet tanks by fermenting an overripe orange.

But there’s really no excuse for drinks like “poo wine,” a beverage once used medicinally in South Korean to treat broken bones and bruises, or an Icelandic beer brewed with whale testicle, which almost sounds tolerable…until you learn that its balls were smoked in sheep’s dung. In those cases, sobriety sounds much more appetizing.

If you think you could never keep one of these nasty drinks down, Ahrens disagrees. “So much of what we drink is an acquired taste,” he said. And yet, the museum also keeps a blackboard tally of how often visitors have vomited during the exhibition. Last time we checked, it read, “2 days since last vomit.”

We think we’ll sit this round out.

Cover Photo: nicoletaionescu (Getty Images)

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