Heroin-Smuggling Feline Escapes Prison, Who Let the Cat Out of the Clink?

Cats are sneaky AF. That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised that one escaped from a high-security prison in Sri Lanka. The feline was originally apprehended at Welikada Prison carrying 1.7 grams of heroin, two SIM cards, and a memory chip in a plastic baggie under its collar. Clearly, it was trafficking the contraband into the prison for another (human) inmate.

Law enforcement had planned to follow the fur baby back to the baddies from whence it came, but instead the cat escaped when guards attempted to feed it. Apparently, they didn’t know that cats and open doors don’t mix. Authorities did not purr-sue the suspect.

We can only imagine where the conniving kitty went after making a break for it, but we hope it’s living its best life with people who aren’t using it to commit crimes.

Cover Photo: Sri Lanka Police

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