Meanwhile in Florida: Cat Blood Bandit Caught Stealing on Vet’s Video

Remember when Charlie Sheen claimed he had tiger blood? Well, there’s another guy out there who seems to think there’s something special in feline bodily fluids and wants some.

Earlier this month, under the cover of darkness, a blonde bro approached Anastasia Cat Clinic in St Augustine, Florida toting a backpack and skateboard. He inspected a blood box, then left. Twenty minutes later, he returned with a truck and stole the blood box, which contained four vials of cat blood valued at $600.

Photo: Facebook

The heist was caught on the vet’s security video but un-fur-tunately, police have been unable to identify the fur-midable suspect.

St. Johns County Sheriff’s office took to social media for assistance, where users mused about the robber’s paw-sible motives. Was he a Satan worshipper? A cat vampire? A frat boy planning a weird Halloween ritual? A junkie looking for drugs or needles? We may never know. He pulled this cat-astrophic crime off purr-fectly.

Cover Photo: Witthaya Prasongsin (Getty Images)

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