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Meanwhile in Florida: Man Arrested After Beating Up Friend Over Tom Brady Argument (Clearly Not a Fan)

Sports can be contentious. We’ve all witnessed what can happen when fans from opposing teams get into heated arguments. Hopefully, though, things stay at the level of verbal insults and don’t escalate into physical violence. That wasn’t the case with Brian Paulter, a 33-year-old Florida man, though.

Paulter and his buddies were headed home on a recent Sunday after a night of drinking (always a good set-up for disaster) when he and one of his pals started arguing about Tom Brady. The disagreement over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback turned vicious, and when the group arrived home in St. Petersburg, Paulter pummeled his so-called friend several times in the face, leaving him bloodied and injured.

But the brawl didn’t stop there. Paulter then turned his rage on his friend’s wife, shoving her. And then, because he was on a roll, the altercation continued with his own wife, who fell and hit her head on the kitchen counter, leaving her with a large laceration and a massive bruise on her forehead.

The cops were called, and when they arrived, they found “a large amount of blood” on the kitchen floor, though it appeared to have been partially cleaned up, according to court documents.

Paulter was arrested and charged with domestic battery, though he only spent one night behind bars and was released without bond. His friend refused to press charges, but authorities ordered that Paulter have no contact with his wife and has to wear an ankle bracelet that monitors his blood alcohol level.

One part of this story remains untold, however: what was it about Tom Brady that pissed off Paulter so much? All we can figure is that he was not a fan.

Cover Photo: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

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