Beating Bettis: Former NFL Running Back Takes You on in Latest Modelo Football Challenge

Photo: Modelo

Jerome Bettis got the nickname “Bus” because he would barrel through the defensive line like a bus breaking through cement street barriers. The six-time Pro Bowler finished his hall of fame career in 2006 as one of the top 10 rushers in NFL history. To say that Bettis is beloved to NFL fans is an extreme understatement. While fans don’t get a chance to play actual football with their heroes, thanks to Modelo and DraftKings, Steelers backers (and NFL fans) can now play fantasy football against the NFL great.

To celebrate the return of the NFL, beer brand Modelo is partnering with Bettis in what they’re referring to as the “Beat Bettis Challenge.” a fantasy football series hosted by DraftKings. The challenge will consist of weekly competitions in which fans can win cash for besting the former NFL running back.

This season, many NFL stadiums will be free of fans on game day, and the ones that will allow fans will be limited capacity. This means the timing is right for other ways to interact with former NFL players. This challenge is a pretty simple way for fans to get the NFL game day fix they’ll be missing this season.

The contest will last for nine weeks. Literally all you have to do to win cash is beat Bettis. All of the players whose fantasy points are more than the Hall of Famer split $5,000. So, if fewer players beat Bettis, you’ll get more of that sweet sweet cash. The player with the most cumulative points at the end of the nine weeks wins a trip for two to Las Vegas and tickets to a yet-to-be-determined Las Vegas Raiders game.

To sign up to beat Bettis, visit or use the DraftKings mobile app. Regardless of whether or not you enter this contest, this is sure to be a pretty strange NFL season and one that we’re very excited for.

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