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Fast Feud: Wendy’s Roasts McDonald’s on Twitter Over Its Spicy McNuggets, Teases Redhead Pay Per View Matchup

Photo: Westend61 (Getty Images)

If you’ve never followed Wendy’s on Twitter, you’re really missing out on some spicy trash talk. Yes, we’re talking about the fast food chain Wendy’s. While most corporate Twitter accounts are milquetoast and spend their time hawking new menu items, Wendy’s spends most of its time roasting customers and its competitors. That all came to a head last week when the red-haired girl boss smacked the McNuggets out of McDonald’s‘ mouth with one tweet.

You see, McDonald’s has never strayed from its one kind of chicken nugget. It’s a plain (now white meat) fried chicken nugget. Sure, you can get a variety of sauces that includes hot sauce. But the iconic chain never followed its competitors into the realm of flavored nuggets. That is, until now.

All week, we heard news about Mickey D’s finally adding spicy chicken nuggets to the menu. There was a buzz on social media about this new information as many of us get a nostalgic feeling when we bite into one of these crispy, juicy magical nuggets. Adding spice to them could only make them better, right?

With all the momentum the news was gaining, it appears a competitor who has had spicy nuggets on its menu for years was getting ready to strike. All it took was a tweet from a user named @Bookiemarix3, who simply asked, “I see that @McDonalds is coming out with Spicy Nuggets. What are your feelings?”

The always entertaining Wendy’s Twitter account replied by promptly removing all the wind from McDonald’s fried chicken-covered sails. It said, “Must have scraped up all of BKs leftovers and slapped a mcprice tag on it.” Ouch.

Still, as hurtful and sarcastic as Wendy’s response was, it won’t stop people from buying the new nuggets en masse. But, they’re going to have to wait a little while because McDonald’s isn’t dropping them until Sept. 16.

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