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Influencers Break World Record For Most Fast-Food Restaurants Visited In 24 Hours (To Be Followed By Biggest Stomachache in History)

We don’t know why anyone would want to see how many fast-food restaurants they could visit in 24 hours. One visit per day is enough for us – and our guts certainly would prefer to frequent those junk food meccas less often than that. But a pair of social media influencers decided to team up to break the world record for the most fast-food restaurants visited in a 24-hour time period and they succeeded.

You may know Nick DiGiovanni as a former MasterChef finalist who has since blown up on both YouTube and TikTok. Lynja Davis, the host of Cooking with Lynja, also has a huge following on those same platforms. The foodie duo has joined forces before in order to break world records like making the World’s Largest Chicken Nugget (which was nothing to cluck at given its 46-pound size) and the World’s Largest Cake Pop (a 97-pound sugar bomb).

But two world records weren’t enough for DiGiovanni and Davis. They had to take on the world of fast food, too. And they did, hitting an impressive 69 spots. (The previous record holder only made it to 50 places.)

There were some guidelines placed on their fast-food free-for-all by the Guinness World Records: the influencers had to stick together, submit GPS coordinates for each stop, and purchase a food or drink from each location. Oddly enough, though, they didn’t have to actually eat what they bought, and were allowed to give their grub away as they went along.

By choosing Manhattan as their stomping grounds, they were able to beat the world record in a mere 7 hours and 15 minutes. They started at McDonald’s and ended at Wendy’s…and, we’d imagine, will not want to step foot in another fast-food establishment for a good long time.

Cover Photo: Alexander Spatari (Getty Images)