Meanwhile in Alabama: Likely Unemployed Man Builds World’s Largest Nerf Gun and Now We Want to Quit Our Jobs

Photo: Guinness World Records

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, Nerf guns were pretty simple. You pretty much had to choose between a neon-colored gun that shot a few foam balls or a bow and arrow-looking gun that propelled foam arrows through the air. In the years since Nerf guns have become more elaborate and bigger. But apparently, they’re not big enough or pack enough punch for one man in Alabama.

Michael Pick is a software engineer and instead of using his skills to make a slightly positive impact on the world, he decided to completely change the world by making the world’s largest Nerf gun. It’s so big, it even broke the Guinness World Record.

The Huntsville native and Youtuber recreated a Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6. But instead of making it slightly larger, he built it to a ridiculous 12 feet, 6 inches long (that’s three feet longer than the previous world record-holder). This completely functional gun was created using a 3D printer.

The barrel is a PVC pipe that shorts 12-inch darts as fast as 50 miles per hour to distances as long as 250 feet. This brings up one question: will he continue with the nostalgia and make a massive Super Soaker next? If not that then maybe a giant Nerf bow and arrow? That would be pretty awesome.


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