Meanwhile on TikTok: World’s Largest Cake Pop Created, You Can Never Have Too Much Cake Pop

Photo: Guinness World Records

Cake is awesome and so are suckers so it should come as no surprise that the cake pop is one of the greatest, most delicious creations in the history of mankind. It’s like the creators of this iconic dessert treat can read our minds. If you’re a fan of cake you know the biggest problem with this frosted, sweet confectionary is the lack of portability. Cake pops take away the need for plates and utensils by making it into an easy, handheld, pop-able version. Part of the appeal is the size. It’s supposed to be bite-sized. That’s why we were so confused when we saw that someone just broke the Guinness World Record for the largest cake pop of all time.

The nearly 100-pound, record-breaking cake pop was created by America’s Nick DiGiovanni and Japan’s Lynn Davis known for their food-related TikToks. They both have their own TikTok channels and between them, they have over 16 million followers.

The monstrous confetti adorned cake has a circumference of over 50 inches and was made using 32 boxes of cake mix, 5.5 cartons of liquid eggs (almost 99 eggs), 16 cups of oil, 16 blocks of cream cheese, and a slew of other ingredients.

If seeing this giant cake pop makes you want to make your own to beat it, don’t waste your time. It’s ridiculous. Why not just stick to making a bunch of bite-sized cake pops instead? Let us know when they’re ready and we’ll swing by.


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