COVID Cake Shield Lets You Have Your Filthy Fun and Eat Your Birthday Cake, Too

Photo: Top It Cake Shield

In the last six months, we’ve grown accustomed to taking extra safety precautions in an effort to stay safe and healthy. We wear masks in public and we social distance whenever possible. Besides Zoom meetings, many of us haven’t seen friends, family, and co-workers since March. But, now that we’re used to taking proper precautions, we’re easing up and spending some socially distant time with the people we’ve missed for the last half-year. We’re throwing backyard barbecues, enjoying bonfires, going camping, and celebrating birthdays. For the latter, it might seem like current safety precautions have made the days of blowing out candles seem like a distant memory. We’ll just have to settle for candle-free birthday cakes from now on. Or do we?

Thanks to Top It Cake Shield, we don’t have to throw out those trick birthday candles. We can still embarrass our loved ones by making it impossible for them to blow out their candles. That’s because a Boca Raton, Florida dentist who specializes in prosthetic dentistry came up with the ingenious idea to stop your potentially COVID-filled spit from ruining your birthday cake.

In the simplest terms, the Top It Cake Shield is literally exactly what you’d expect it to be. It’s a clear box that you put over your cake that has holes in the top to add your candles. Light them up, blow them out while your cake is free of whatever nastiness the birthday boy or girl has inside of them.

In all honesty, we have no problem masking up when we go into a grocery store, but we don’t really need a plastic box for our birthday cake. If we really want to see the magical moment of our cousin unable to blow out the trick candles, we’ll just give him his own cupcake and make him blow it out in the backyard by himself while we heartily laugh while we watch from a kitchen window.

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