You Still Can’t Get Sheet Cakes at Costco, They Don’t Trust Your Judgement in These Dark Days

Photo: Alyson Aliano (Getty Images)

Back in June, a news story went largely unnoticed by people who don’t order a lot of cake. The story in question was about Costco deciding (for the time being) to discontinue making sheet cakes for customers. Not only did they remove sheet cakes from the bakery cases, they also stopped taking orders for the giant rectangle of cake, frosting, and various adornments. Why, you might ask? Because they don’t trust your judgment.

Unless you’ve ever been through a really rough breakup, you’ve probably only ordered a sheet cake for a large gathering. Since apparently, we can’t stop having parties, gatherings, and cocktail hours with all of our friends and neighbors, Costco took it upon themselves to remove the massive dessert option usually purchased for said events. No sheet cake means no parties, right?

You can still buy small cakes because they don’t feed a lot of people. If you had a large gathering with a regular cake, somebody wouldn’t get to enjoy the sugary goodness. Costco claims that one of the reasons they discontinued sheet cakes is because they’ve reduced the number of employees in certain departments to allow social distancing. But we know better.

Not everyone agrees with us that Costco is doing the right thing. There’s even a petition on designed to get Costco to bring back the gargantuan, unnecessary cakes. But, according to the chain, they still have no plans to bring them back any time soon. So, either make your own at home or stop throwing parties in the middle of a pandemic. Seems pretty simple to us.

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