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10 Spring Break Spots For People Who Actually Want to Avoid Getting COVID

You’ve been in quarantine for over a year now. You’re desperate for a change of scenery, some excitement, and an escape. It also happens to be spring break season, when we all get a severe case of wanderlust. We get it. Yes, there’s a pandemic going on, but if you’re careful, you can still travel – just don’t be like those reckless covidiots in Florida and Las Vegas who are cavorting about in large crowds without their masks on.

There are ways – and places – to travel safely during a pandemic. We’ve scoured the CDC’s lists of which countries have the lowest risk of coronavirus transmission, as well as other experts’ recommendations on low-risk travel strategies during a pandemic, and have come up with 10 destinations that are perfect for people who want to stay Covid-free.

But just because these places exist doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be easy to travel there. Before you get excited and drop mad money on a trip, make sure you check out that destination’s specific restrictions and rules regarding travelers from the U.S. Many require special documentation and/or proof of a negative Covid test for entry. So do your due diligence ahead of time so you can spend your vacation relaxing.

Now, without further ado, here are the best spring break spots for people who actually want to avoid getting Covid.

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