Meanwhile in Japan: Edible Mask Trend Says You Can Have Your Covid and Eat It, Too

Photo: Goku No Kimochi The Labo

Back in the spring of 2020, the idea of wearing a face mask every day at work and when we went into the grocery store seemed really strange. Even though others were wearing them, we felt like a self-conscious weirdo wearing them. In the last year and a half masks have become a way of life. We keep them in our pants pockets, our glove compartment, and anywhere else we can grab them in a hurry. Now that things are starting to return to some semblance of normalcy in the US, wearing masks has become less common. Therefore, the next logical step is to wear a mask not for protection but as a wearable snack. Yes, you read that right. A wearable snack.

While this trend doesn’t seem to be catching on in the US, strapping an edible mask to your face is actually happening in Japan. If you know anything about Japan, you know it’s famous for its innovative, over-the-top inventions. So, it should come as no surprise that the country that invented the video game console and instant ramen would also give us the edible face mask.

Goku No Kimochi is a company that owns massage parlors in Japan. They have an offshoot called Goku No Kimochi THE LABO that recently partnered with a bakery called Melon De Melon to create a melon bread face mask. It’s as simple as it sounds. It’s a facemask made of melon-flavored bread. That’s it.

The most surprising thing? Official testing revealed that this sweet, bready mask is actually effective in protecting the wearer against COVID-19. We just don’t think it would be a great idea to actually eat it if people are breathing and coughing on it all day. No one needs that extra flavoring.


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