Meanwhile in Prison: TikToker Sneaks in For First Date With Man She Just Met Online (Wait, They Have TikTok in Prison?)


It’s a story we’ve heard countless times over the years. Girl meets boy. They chat online, learn about common interests, grow to like each other, plan to meet in person, and one of them gets ghosted never to hear from the other person ever again. In most cases, it’s because one of the duo is being catfished by someone who isn’t who they claim to be. This is obviously why they can’t meet in person and cut off all communication abruptly. It isn’t usually because they got arrested and sentenced to prison. But this is exactly what happened recently to a TikToker named Julia Kassel.

She thought things were going well with a man she met online only to be abruptly ghosted by him. Not understanding what happened and where things went wrong, she decided to reach out to his friends. This is when she found out he had been sent to prison.

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Now, for most people, the story would end right there. But Kassel told her 408,000 followers that she needed to chat with him so badly that she decided to join a school law club that was planning a field trip to the prison.

When the group arrived at the prison, her teacher separated them into two halves. The girls were heading to the woman’s wing and the boys were going to the men’s side. Obviously, she was being sent to the woman’s side. She pleaded with her teacher to let her go with the men’s group and her teacher told her that wasn’t possible.

In the end, she didn’t even get to see the guy. Which, in our opinion is probably a good thing. Whenever possible, it’s best to stick with non-incarcerated love interests. It will make the love story quite a bit easier.