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Meanwhile on TikTok: Watch Martha Stewart Hawk Replicas of Nativity Scene She Made in Prison (Sweet Baby Jesus)

Of course Martha Stewart, madam of all things wholesome and homemaking, would have a Nativity set. What makes hers unique, however, is where it was created: prison.

Oh, yeah, remember that? Stewart is a former inmate. The 80-year-old attended Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia back in 2004 for insider trading-related charges. While she was there, she apparently made a Nativity set in pottery class.

Now you, and all your Martha Stewart stan family members, can own a replica of that infamous set. The lifestyle mogul showed off the 14-piece, white-glazed collection on (where else?) TikTok.

@marthastewartYou’ll never guess where I made this nativity scene…Get ready for a storytime #HolidayCountdown #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner

♬ original sound – Martha Stewart

“If you’d like to give a really beautiful and special gift this Christmas, with a little street cred, they’re all inspired by — guess what — a set that I made when I was confined,” Stewart said in the video. She showed off the original set, which she has displayed in her home since 2005, and even gave viewers a peak at her inmate number written on the bottom of the figurines.

We gotta give it to Martha – she’s downright shameless. Way to take the worst deed of your life and monetize it!

We can’t speak to the quality or aesthetic appeal of this Nativity set (it’s not really our area of expertise) but if nothing else, it’ll be quite the conversation starter over Christmas dinner.

Cover Photo: TikTok



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