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Pregnant Woman Posts Photo Lifting 315 Pounds, And the Jealous Instagram Trolls Come Crawling

We here at Mandatory support strong women. And if those strong women want to powerlift while pregnant, well, more power to them. Ah, but the entire internet is not on our side. In fact, the male trolls of cyberspace hate nothing more than women who have bigger guns than them – and can make a human while simultaneously bulking up.

Case in point: 34-year-old fitness trainer Yanyah Milutinović recently went viral on Instagram for squatting with 315 pounds of weights on her back while eight months pregnant.

The fit mom, who is a Serbian and Finnish native of Sweden who now lives in New York, recently posted a video of the controversial weightlifting sesh populated by all the nasty comments she received on the social media platform.

Comments ranged from “This isn’t it sis … You’re putting your baby’s life in danger” to “Gonna give the baby whiplash” to “my mom is surely not a manly stupid ho* that puts her kid’s health in danger for some deadlifts.” One even asked: “Is this legal?”

For the record: yes, it’s legal. And under the guidance of a medical professional, it’s not only safe, it’s healthy for baby mamas to work out, even intensely, especially if they were athletes before pregnancy. In Milutinović’s case, this is her second pregnancy, and she worked out hard during her first and suffered no side effects. She currently works out three to six days a week, trains up to 12 clients weekly, and has gained an appropriate amount of weight during this pregnancy to support all that activity and her growing baby.

The pumped-up mom isn’t letting the clapback on social media stop her from pursuing her fitness goals.

“Those little ass-clowns on Instagram can’t stop me from doing what I do,” Milutinović told the New York Post. “I’m unbreakable.”

Amen, mama. You do you. All those haters wish they could lift like a mother.

Cover Photo: @yanyahgotitmade (Instagram)