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Meanwhile in Chicago: Cat Fight Breaks Out at Wild Sox-Cardinals Game, America’s True Pastime

Fights at sporting events are nothing new. Hell, they’re America’s new favorite pastime. They seem to happen so often ESPN could have a whole channel dedicated to the replays of these brutal beatdowns, usually involving fans of opposing teams. But the latest baseball brawl at a recent White Sox-Cardinals game is noteworthy because the fighters were female.

Yes, folks, a real-life cat fight broke out in the bleachers of Guaranteed Rate Field between several women.

What instigated the fight or who was involved and why remains unclear. All we know is that two feisty ladies with long black hair seemed to be going at it when a man tried to come between them and break them up. Then a blonde woman got involved and was knocked down in the chaos.

There weren’t any punches thrown, per se – just a lot of slapping and hair flying. But it definitely spiced up what was an otherwise uneventful game that the White Sox won 5-1.

Baseball has always been notoriously boring, but thanks to hot-blooded fans like these, going to a game just got a lot more exciting!

Cover Photo: YouTube