UFC Fighter Knocks Out Thief Attempting to Steal His Car, Always Good to Canvas the Area First

Photo: Mike Roach (Getty Images) 

Have you ever seen a crime take place and thought, “If I was there, I would have stopped it”? Sure, you have. We’ve all had those Batman-like, crime-fighting scenarios run through our heads. But what if you actually found yourself in the middle of a crime being committed? You’d probably just call the cops or casually stroll away, right? Well, if you’re a badass UFC fighter, you definitely spring into action.

Photo: instagram.com/thebeastuf

This is exactly what happened recently in Texas when UFC heavyweight fighter Derrick Lewis saw someone attempting to break into his car in front of his Houston home. In a post on Instagram that has since been removed, the fighter shared a photo of the man being taken away by law enforcement.

But, before the authorities arrived, the man was unlucky enough to attempt to break into the massive fighter’s car using a screwdriver. Returning from a workout, he did what all of us wish we could do when we see someone messing with our things: he knocked him out.

Photo: instagram.com/thebeastuf

According to the Houston Police Department, Lewis walked (likely briskly) over the suspect, punched him in the face, and put him on the ground before calling police and keeping him there until they arrived.

The man who definitely picked the wrong car that day was taken to the hospital before being taken to the local police station. He was only charged with criminal mischief because, due to being knocked out, he never actually got into the car. So, at least that’s a silver lining for the would-be car thief.


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