Meanwhile in Baseball: Chicago Cubs Fans Get Into Bleacher Beatdown (Probably Over the Last Beer)

Ah, baseball. What used to be a quaint and pleasant pastime that doubled as an excuse to get outdoors, drink beer, and overeat hot dogs with your buddies has basically turned into a cage fight waiting to happen. You can’t read an online recap of a Major League Baseball Game anymore without seeing a viral video of a brawl that happened at it, too.

This post will be no different because, contrary to popular belief, people don’t evolve. They just repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over and over again.

Here’s what we know about this latest bleacher beatdown: a couple of Chicago Cubs fans got into fisticuffs while watching a game against the White Sox at Wrigley Field. The two dudes involved both looked huge – and were likely very inebriated. In fact, they seem so blasted the fight appeared to happen in slow motion.

The drunker, bigger one managed to pin the other one down on the bleachers. But the pinned guy seemed to be egging the ogre on with his words. When security tried (and failed) to intervene, the formerly prostrate fan got a few licks in. When the video cut off, however, he was down for the count.

“let’s gooooo! Never a dull moment at the Crosstown,” a Twitter user known as @BleacherBumTodd captioned the viral video, which he tagged @mlb_fights on. (Yes, there’s an entire Twitter account dedicated only to this kind of shit.)

Little is known about what happened after the fracas died down. Injuries? Arrests? Your guess is as good as ours. What we do know is that those two burly bears were not the only losers that night. The Cubs were defeated 3-1.

Cover Photo: Twitter