Meanwhile in New York: Brawl Breaks Out at Yankee Stadium After Fan Pegs Outfielder in the Head, It’s a Beautiful Day For Baseball (Video)

Anyone who says baseball is boring hasn’t been to a Yankees-Red Sox game. Like the one where a fan was banned from all 29 MLB stadiums (for life) after throwing a fastball at the back of Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo’s head. And that was just beginning.

Sure, it could have gone either way. The bullpen scouts could have recruited the rogue pitcher for having one helluva of an arm (um, do we smell a new baseball classic starring Kevin Costner?) But it didn’t go that way. Homeboy got booted from all of baseball after succumbing to the crowd of mostly Yankee fans chanting “Throw it back!” – a reference to the wayward baseball Verdugo had tossed to a lone Sox fan in the bleachers.

After the incident, the gameplay was stopped for several minutes as Red Sox manager Alex Cora pulled his players off the field so Verdugo could calm down. Rightly so, the outfielder was floored.

Though the timeout worked for Verdugo, it didn’t do much for the stands. With the crowd riled up, it was only a matter of time before a fight broke out. All it took was a couple of teenagers trash-talking some dude’s girlfriends and voila: Fireworks.

Despite the rain, things got heated quickly. Check out the mayhem:

While at first glance, it looks like yet another example of how sporting events have become a breeding ground for fisticuffs, a closer examination proves this isn’t a story of raging sports fanatics pissing decorum down the toilet, but one of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

In fact, it’s amazing to see fans from both teams working together for once. Take note of the pure joy this amazing teamwork brought to fans below:

By adding new levels of interactivity with the players along with opportunities to punch a stranger in the face, baseball can and will remain America’s favorite pastime.

Photos: Twitter (@RJsportsEh)

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