Meanwhile in Florida: Woman Falls Off Disney World Ride Trying to Steal the Most Phallic of Disney Prizes

The only thing on Earth that can rival the Florida man is the not-so elusive Flordia woman. This time, an unnamed Florida woman brought shame to her kind while trying to steal a cucumber while on a ride at Walt Disney World.

It all went down on the Living With The Land ride at Epcot where the Florida woman decided that she needed to take a phallic souvenir home with her. Twitter user Mark Avis had the pleasure of riding behind Florida woman and her friends. As you might suspect, Marc claims they were annoying as hell, “I had the luxury of sitting behind these morons,” he said in a tweet, “They actually jumped off the boat 4 different times during the ride.”

Guess the fourth time’s the charm, eh? Anyways, if you ever wondered what it looks like when an adult woman tries and fails to steal a Disneyland organic cucumber, this video is for you.

All that to say, this is why they can’t have nice things in Florida. Imagine seeing a cucumber and thinking to yourself, that’s what I want to take home with me to show off to my friends about this trip.

Cover Photo: Vasilisa_k (Getty Images)



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