An adult woman wearing a pink face mask inside of a UFO capsule looks like she's being abducted.

Sextra-Terrestrial: Woman Claims She’s Dating Alien Who Abducted Her, Our Bags Are Already Packed For This Country

We live in an age when relationships can take whatever form you want them to, as long as they’re consensual. But one UK woman’s new coupling may have crossed the line. That’s because she claims she’s dating an alien that abducted her.

Her name is Abbie Bela and she’s an actress in London. Her unusually long-distance relationship started shortly after she joked online that she wanted to be abducted by an alien because she was “bored of the pandemic.” Then, on May 31, a voice in her dream told her to “Wait in the usual spot.”

“Although I had never heard the voice before, I knew what he meant,” she told Caters News Agency. So she waited by her bedroom window and sure enough, around 12:15 a.m., a “bright green beam” shuttled her up to a UFO. There, she met five aliens with tall and slender bodies, large black eyes, and a green-tinted skin. One, in particular, stood out.

“There was one who connected with me and expressed his feelings. I didn’t get his name but I felt the exact same,” she said. “It felt like being in love times 100.”

While the intergalactic meet-cute only lasted 20 minutes, and the lovers are now separated by…well, however much time and space is between Earth and the Andromeda galaxy (where Bela claims her alien sweetheart lives), she remains optimistic about their chances, despite the taboo against interspecies romance.

“He doesn’t want me just for sex and won’t lie to me like many men on Earth,” she said. “I hope he comes back.”

And just like that, this mysterious alien proves no more reliable or predictable than the average Joe on Tinder. He may be out of this world, but maybe that’s where he should stay.

Cover Photo: Cavan Images (Getty Images)



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