sex doll

Meanwhile in Japan: Emergency Rescue Divers Save Sex Doll From Drowning, Likely Falls Under ‘No Hole Left Behind’ Protocol

Talk about a bait and switch. Japanese rescue workers were recently punked by a rescue mission that turned out to be for naught. They rushed to respond to a call claiming that a woman was drowning in Hachinohe only to find that the woman wasn’t real – she was a sex doll, doing what sex dolls do: float.

Fire and rescue brigades, police, and an ambulance all converged on the scene. Despite discovering that the drowning woman was in fact a dummy, they pulled her out of the water anyway.

How the doll ended up in the water is unclear, though at least one person on Twitter speculated that it was because of strict Japanese laws regarding garbage disposal. Rather than pollute the water, however, whoever abandoned his inflatable lady could have said goodbye with dignity – by hosting a funeral for her, the specialty of one Japanese company.

Alas, instead she was chucked into the sea. And while she was technically saved, it’s safe to say no one will enjoy the pleasure of her company ever again.

Cover Photo: @nachangagaga (Twitter)