Meanwhile in Florida: Boy Swims Hour to Rescue Drowning Dad, Perfect Card to Play For Father’s Day

If you’re struggling to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for the man who donated your Y chromosome, consider this out-of-the-box gift idea that’s a real lifesaver and totally easy on the bank account: Rescue your drowning dad.

An act of selfless heroism can really do wonders for your relationship. Watch your old man react with genuine emotion in ways a new tie just can’t illicit when you pull him from the swirling waters of death.

Of course, we can’t take credit for this brilliant life hack. The concept is the work of 7-year-old Floridian Chase Poust who came up with this gem on the spot (probably because his allowance wasn’t enough for anything else).

The ingenious idea struck when Chase’s dad Chris and little sister Abigail were out fishing in St. Johns River near Jacksonville. The kids were swimming alongside the anchored boat when a strong rush of current carried Abigail downriver. Without thinking, Chase grabbed hold of her and was carried off too.

Watching his kids float away gave Steven a shock, who dropped his rod and leaped in after them. He instructed his son to swim for help as he paddled after Abigail who was bobbing along downstream in her flotation device. While Steven pursued his daughter, Chase made the mile-long trip back to shore.

“I told them both I loved them because I wasn’t sure what’s going to happen. I tried to stick with her as long as I could,” Steven recalled. “I wore myself out, and she drifted away from me.”

Alternating between a doggy paddle and floating on his back, it took Chase over an hour to reach land. Once ashore, he was able to run to a nearby house and call for help. A search team spotted Steven and Abigail an hour later and was able to scoop them up to safety.

When asked how he learned to swim so well, Chase shrugged his shoulders and answered with total honesty, “I have no idea.” We don’t want to blow this kid’s cover, but we’d like to think the ultimate Father’s Day gift is what carried him to victory.

Cover Photo: Sean Murphy (Getty Images)

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