father's day gifts
Photo taken in Astana, Kazakhstan

Ranked! The Weirdest Father’s Day Gifts (That Will Definitely Get You Disowned)

We’ve already informed you about all the super weird and cringy gits you could get your mom for Mother’s Day, so now it’s time to jump back into the rabbit hole for Father’s Day.

Whether your dad is in their 70s or their 30s, they’d like to know their brats think about them more than when they just need something fixed or want to hear a terrible joke.  Unlike moms, dads are these totally wrecked creatures that either hide it or show it too often, yet we still require their affirmation.

Father’s Day is right around the corner and, although not nearly as exciting as Mother’s Day, we still have to give props to the guy who contributed half of our DNA. In case you were wondering how to celebrate the dude who helped give you the complex you have today, there are plenty of standard options to choose from. Beer, a cook-out, and maybe a power tool are the more common Father’s Day gifts. But what about some of the lesser-known Father’s Day gifts out there? Dads are way cornier than moms and always up for embarrassing you in front of our friends, so why not get them an embarrassing AF gift, right?

We discovered a bunch of weird Father’s Day gifts out there that will make dad wish you were put up for adoption.

Cover Photo: Anna Kolesnikova / EyeEm (Getty Images)